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Are You Having a Dispute with Your HOA?

There are benefits to having a homeowner’s association (HOA) overseeing your community or condo complex. HOAs strive to keep up common areas of a community, including fencing, signs, outdoor lighting, pool areas, and much more. An HOA might also come to the rescue when your building needs a new roof, driveway and parking lot sealing, and other exterior maintenance. While an HOA can make a community a desirable place to live and keep up property values, there are disputes that might arise between the HOA and homeowners.

If you are in a dispute with your HOA, it is important that you have the right legal representation to protect your interests as a homeowner and avoid costly litigation when possible. Contact a Sarasota real estate lawyer at Inverso Law Group today.

How Disputes Arise

You could be at peace with your HOA for years when, suddenly, a conflict arises. Disputes can involve different issues, and the following are some of the most common.

Aesthetic Conflicts and CCR Violations

Part of the HOA’s goal is to exercise architectural and aesthetic control over the homes or condos in the community, and they do so through covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CCRs). While this can keep the neighborhood looking as it should, many disputes arise because of how people want to personalize the exterior and outdoor space of their homes. Paint colors, fencing, balcony usage, and more can all lead an HOA to challenge how you tried to decorate your home, which can lead to a dispute. Possible penalties of alleged violations can include:

You should have an attorney examine the situation, including whether you were in violation of the CCRs or not, and the best ways to remedy the situation while protecting your interests in your property.

Fee Disputes

The other most common type of HOA dispute involves fee assessment and payment. The HOA is in charge of assessing fees for maintenance and other needs of the community. These assessments can be added to your monthly dues, and they can be shockingly and unexpectedly costly in certain circumstances. If you cannot pay the fees or you disagree with the assessments, disputes can quickly arise. Nonpayment due to fee challenges might lead the HOA to impose interest and late charges against you if the CCRs allow, which can escalate the dispute even further.

Dispute Resolution

While disputes can be costly, litigation can be even costlier. Our legal team works to resolve disputes efficiently, possibly through one of the following:

If the dispute does result in a lawsuit, we can advocate for your homeowner rights in court.

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