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Sarasota Breach of Contract Attorneys

Working to Resolve Contract Disputes in an Effective and Favorable Manner

Both companies and individuals enter into many types of contracts on a regular basis. Whether you are agreeing to provide a service for payment or are involved in a complex merger and acquisition or construction development project, a contract will be at the heart of the deal. When one party fails to perform under the contract, it can cause serious losses for everyone else involved.

If you believe another party breached a contract or someone is accusing you of a breach, you should seek legal counsel and assistance right away. Addressing a contract dispute up front can often resolve the matter and preserve the underlying transaction. Inverso Law Group has handled cases involving a wide range of contract disputes, and we approach each dispute with your goals and best interests in mind. We will provide an honest and straightforward assessment of your position and options, so please contact our Sarasota contract dispute attorneys for help.

Handling Many Types of Contract Disputes in Sarasota

Contracts are the framework for many different transactions between many different parties. Inverso Law Group takes on cases arising from many types of contracts, such as:

A breach of any of the above contracts can be costly, and parties should work to resolve disputes as quickly as possible to avoid the escalation of the matter. It is important to have a highly experienced business lawyer representing you in negotiations to improve your outcome whenever possible.

Effective Resolution Methods

First and foremost, when a contract dispute arises, our attorneys look to the contract in question. Often, disputes can be resolved by clarifying the terms of the agreement and the responsibilities of the parties. Most contracts also have guidelines for dispute resolution that should be followed if the agreement is valid.

If negotiations and clarification of the contract do not resolve the problem, our attorneys can guide you through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as mediation and arbitration. Many agreements mandate that parties engage in ADR upon a breach instead of heading straight to court.

The reality is that some breach of contract cases require a lawsuit to resolve. In this situation, it is essential that you have a skilled and experienced litigation attorney representing you. At Inverso Law Group, we have litigated many breach of contract claims, and we will not hesitate to zealously protect your rights and interests in court.

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When a contract dispute arises in Sarasota, Bradenton, or Lakewood Ranch, Florida, you should not wait to consult with Inverso Law Group. Our results-oriented approach aims to resolve each dispute in the most efficient way possible, though we are prepared to represent you in court when needed. Call 941-926-6039 or contact us online to discuss your situation today.