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Assisting Condo and Homeowner Associations in and around Sarasota

Millions of people in Florida own condominiums or homes in subdivisions with condo or homeowner associations (COAs or HOAs). These associations intend to protect the interests of the homeowners, including protecting the value of condos or homes, as well as community safety. They do so by enacting and enforcing rules and regulations for the complex or subdivision and, if issues arise, the COA/HOA board should address them quickly and resolve the problem.

Unfortunately, many condo and homeowners have been challenging the acts of COA and HOA boards of directors in recent years in Florida. These challenges and disputes have led to lawsuits, which can substantially impact the effectiveness of an association. It is important for all associations and boards of directors to seek legal advice and representation to both prevent disputes and address problems that do arise. Contact a Sarasota COA and HOA attorney at Inverso Law Group today.

Legal Assistance for HOAs and COAs

Homeowner and condo associations elect a board of directors to govern the association. This board is similar to any type of corporation, and it can benefit the board to have the help of an experienced corporate lawyer who also understands the strict COA and HOA laws in Florida. First, all association covenants and restrictions must be within the limits of the law, and this includes regulations involving:

It is also important to accurately assess fees and dues that cover the common area and maintenance costs, but that are not excessive or that will create an uprising among owners. There is an important balance for associations to ensure they protect the good of the community while still complying with the rights of individual owners. If an owner believes that a restriction or assessment is in violation of their rights, they may take legal action, which can increase costs for the entire association.

How We Can Help

Condo associations have many duties that can be difficult to execute properly without conflict. Whether your association is self-governed by condo owners or you hired professional property managers to serve as the board of directors, it is important to have legal guidance. Inverso Law Group can assist with many aspects of COA and HOA management, including:

These are only some of the many issues with which our legal team can assist condo associations.

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If you are on the board of a homeowner or condo association, you should ensure you have the legal advice you need to prevent disputes and keep costs low. Please do not hesitate to call Inverso Law Group at 941-926-6039 or contact us online for a consultation.