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Construction Attorney Sarasota Florida

Inverso Law Group provides experienced and qualified representation to commercial property owners, residential homeowners and contractors in a wide variety of construction law matters. We strive to help clients understand their rights and options for protecting their interests.

We dedicate ourselves to evaluating each client need when it comes to construction related matters whether it be contract drafting and negotiations, litigation or arbitration. We believe that communication and one-on-one personal attention are the keys to a successful attorney-client relationship. We are dedicated to maintaining these characteristics throughout the entirety of our representation of a client in a case involving construction law or other legal issue.

Construction Contracts and Negotiation

Drafting and negotiating construction contracts is a detailed process that requires knowledge of the law and of construction practices. At the Inverso Law Group we have both. The law dealing with construction is specialized and specific to include statutory requirements, administrative requirements and State and Local regulations and ordinances.  Beyond the law, it’s essential when drafting and negotiating a construction contract that the drafter and advocate understand construction and have a real-life working knowledge as to how the practice of construction works.  At the Inverso Law Group our attorney’s have been practicing construction law for nearly 20 years and have drafted contracts for single family homes, commercial buildings, residential developments, large multi-level complexes, restaurants, shopping centers and all types of projects in between.

Construction Defects

As a project draws to a close, the property owner, or in some circumstances, the architect on the project may identify a construction related defect in the work. If you find yourself in this situation we are here to help whether you are the owner or contractor.  In such a situation, each party has rights and responsibilities that must be protected when a defective condition is identified.  All parties must preserve the work and start a process of notice, inspections and opportunities to cure if appropriate.  When your project is faced with these circumstances, call the Inverso Law Group as we know the law, what is required and have independent resources to assist in the analysis and inspection of alleged defects.

Mechanics Liens and Notices to Owner

Florida’s lien laws require owners, contractors, sub-contractors and material suppliers to understand their respective rights and responsibilities prior to the commencement of a construction project. The protection of each parties’ rights under the lien laws requires an astute understanding of the pre-conditions necessary to secure a lien, how to ensure proper owner payments are made and how to secure releases of liens upon payments.  At the Inverso Law Group we can guide clients through this process from the time of commencement to final payment on any size construction project.

If you have questions about your construction project, construction contact or simply need some advice or forms please call the Inverso Law Group and one of our experienced staff will be happy to assist you.

Darren Inverso is the Owner and Managing Attorney at the Inverso Law Group specializing in Construction and Commercial Litigation, Real Estate law, Banking law, Condominium Association law, Estate and Probate matters and Creditors rights. He can be reached at (941) 926-6039 or via email at