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Sarasota Construction Litigation Attorneys

Taking Complex Construction Cases to Court When Needed in Sarasota

Unfortunately, litigation is a common outcome of construction projects here in Sarasota. It is important to consult with an experienced construction litigation attorney about your legal rights as soon as you suspect that you have any type of problem with construction work. The sooner you get legal advice, the better protected your legal rights will be. It is important to meet filing deadlines and to preserve any evidence that might be relevant to your case.

The following are some situations that require legal advice from a construction defect attorney:

The Job Was Not Completed Properly

Most homeowners are not experienced in construction, and this can make it difficult to tell when a job is not completed properly. There are some important signs to watch for:

The Job Was Done with Substandard Materials

It can also be difficult to tell that your construction materials were substandard. In many construction litigation cases, the homeowner did not know about defective materials until years after the work was complete. You should contact a construction defect attorney as soon as you suspect something is wrong with your materials.

You might notice that something feels loose or uneven. You might see curling, bowing, or other structural changes. You might even notice a smell - this can be a sign of mold, which is a costly problem to remedy. Look for any sign that your materials are not performing the way they should. If you see, smell, touch, or hear anything that doesn’t seem right, get a second opinion from a different home repair professional.

You Incurred Repair Costs or Filed Insurance Claims

In order to sustain a construction lawsuit, you must be able to prove the amount of money it cost you to fix the defective work or materials. This amount is known as your damage. Damages are easy to prove when you have receipts for repairs or a claim filed with your homeowners’ insurance. Perhaps you had to call an emergency plumber to repair a burst pipe. Perhaps your homeowners’ insurance had to replace the roof because your contractor did not properly secure the shingles. These are documented expenses that were the direct result of substandard construction work.

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There are many, many different problems that can arise from substandard construction. It is important to consult with a construction litigation lawyer about your particular situation. You must prove that your contractor was negligent and that negligence caused damages. You must then prove the amount of damages that are directly related to your contractor’s negligence. An experienced construction litigation attorney can help you with every aspect of a construction defect case. An attorney can also help you explore other legal remedies, such as filing a complaint with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation

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