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Assisting Clients with a Wide Range of Contracts in the Sarasota Area

Businesses of all sizes and types enter into contracts as part of their operations. Contracts can be relatively straightforward or highly complex - in either situation, you want to ensure the contract is specially tailored to protect your rights and interests. It is always best to have the help of an experienced Sarasota contract drafting and negotiation lawyer, so please do not hesitate to consult with Inverso Law Group if you have a contract at issue.

Contract Drafting

It can be tempting to reuse old contracts or to obtain a simple contract from the internet when you are agreeing to a business deal. However, previously used contracts and boilerplate agreements online will likely not include the specific terms you need for the deal at hand. Instead, you should enlist the help of an attorney who knows how to draft enforceable contracts that specifically address any situation.

At Inverso Law Group, we regularly draft many types of contracts, including but not limited to:

There is often a lot at stake when it comes to any type of business contract. A misunderstanding or breach of contract can be costly, and your business might face unnecessary liability or losses, as well as a possible legal dispute. To try to prevent these costly complications, you should ensure that the basis of the agreement - the contract - is clear, and that the agreement fully sets out each party’s obligations and rights, as well as dispute resolution requirements.

Contract Negotiation

There are many times when another party presents you with a contract instead of the other way around. In this situation, too many people think that they must take it or leave it as the contract is presented. However, it is often possible to negotiate specific terms prior to signing or rejecting the agreement.

Not surprisingly, parties tend to tailor contracts in their favor. Unfavorable terms might impose unreasonable or unfair requirements, or they might not fully protect your interests in the event of a conflict or breach of contract. It is imperative to have a skilled attorney review the contract and identify terms that are not in your best interests. Our law firm can then negotiate with the other party to try to adjust the terms so that they work for everyone involved.

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Contracts are the basis of business transactions and your profitability as a company. Entering into the wrong contract can cost your business unnecessary funds and possible goodwill, so taking the time to ensure your contracts are favorable is critical for any business owner. Do not hesitate to consult with a Sarasota business contract attorney at Inverso Law Group. Call 941-926-6039 or contact us online today.