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Sarasota Corporate Litigation Attorney

Handling Complex Business Disputes for Companies in the Sarasota Area

All types of companies can become involved in a wide range of legal disputes in the course of business. Disputes can involve many different parties and complex legal issues, and it is imperative that owners seek the right legal representation as soon as they know a dispute is arising. Failing to properly address a corporate dispute can result in unnecessary and costly liability and losses for your company.

When your company becomes involved in a conflict, you want an experienced corporate litigation lawyer on your side as soon as possible. The right attorney can help to resolve a dispute before it escalates too far, but if the matter does go to court, we are prepared to aggressively protect the interests of your corporation. Contact Inverso Law Group to learn how we can help in your situations.

Cases We Handle

Disputes can arise between partners, owners, shareholders, directors and officers, investors, customers, vendors, other businesses, and many other parties. Companies enter into contracts on a regular basis, and each contract presents the opportunity for something to go wrong and disputes to start.

Each type of dispute requires specific knowledge and skill in the courtroom, and our law firm handles corporate litigation cases involving the following and more:

When disputes develop between two private parties - whether they are individuals, companies, or mixed company - you want a skilled litigator on your side. Our firm will try to settle the matter out of court whenever we can. However, if you do have to go before the judge, you can trust we will be fighting for your company’s rights and interests.

Regulatory and Compliance Disputes

Not every corporate dispute involves private parties, as some arise between a company and a regulatory agency. Corporations are expected to strictly comply with all relevant rules and regulations and, when they fail to do so, the proper regulatory agency can take legal action.

If you fail to defend against allegations of noncompliance with regulatory laws, your company can face penalties, as well as the loss of a good reputation. If you have an experienced attorney, however, they will know how to communicate with regulatory officials and present evidence of compliance. We work to minimize the effects of a dispute on your company.

Discuss Your Situation with a Sarasota Corporate Litigation Lawyer

Inverso Law Group helps companies of all types and sizes in the Sarasota area. If you believe your enterprise is becoming involved in a dispute, you want the right corporate litigation attorney representing your business’s interests. Call 941-926-6039 or contact us online to speak to an attorney you can trust about pending litigation as soon as possible.