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Helping Clients Plan for the Future and Their Families

Many people believe that estate planning is only important for older adults or very wealthy families. While those people should surely have an estate plan in place, every adult can benefit from having one, as well. An estate plan can protect your well-being should you become injured or ill, which can happen at any age. If you suddenly pass away, an estate plan can protect your property and your family.

Even if you do not think you need an estate plan, you should consider learning more from a Sarasota estate planning lawyer. At Inverso Law Group, we work with clients of all ages and in all types of financial and familial situations. Contact us directly to discuss your options, and the following are some components of a comprehensive estate plan that we can handle.


A last will and testament is perhaps the most well-recognized document in an estate plan. A will can serve many purposes, including:

If you pass away and do not have a will, the probate court in your county will decide on the above. The court will decide who is in charge of administering your estate, and your property will be distributed in accordance with Florida intestate succession law. There also might be guardianship hearing so the judge can decide who will take care of your children. Having a valid and enforceable will means you can have control over what happens to your estate, and it can save your family conflict, stress, time, and money.


Some people want to prevent most of their property from passing through probate, as well as have greater control over the distribution of their assets and property. For example, a will distributes a lump sum to a beneficiary all at once. But what if a beneficiary is 18 years old and not yet financially responsible enough to handle their full inheritance? You do not want them to squander the assets they receive in a matter of months, so a trust allows you to provide smaller distributions over time, as well as set other conditions. There are also specific types of trusts for special situations, such as caring for an adult child with special needs.

Power of Attorney

Wills and trusts plan ahead for after we pass away. However, we also want to make sure you receive proper care and that your affairs are managed should you become mentally incapacitated due to a medical condition. You can designate a power of attorney who will manage your financial and legal affairs, as well as someone to make healthcare decisions for you.

Contact a Sarasota Estate Planning Lawyer for More Information about Your Options

The above are only some of many aspects of an effective estate plan, and our Sarasota estate planning attorneys can identify what type of legal documents will benefit you and your family. Call Inverso Law Group at 941-926-6039 or contact us online to learn more today.