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Sarasota Probate Attorneys

Handling the Probate Process for Clients in the Sarasota Area

When someone passes away, there is a lot for loved ones to handle. In addition to the emotional grief of a death, there are also important financial and legal considerations. The probate courts in Florida handle cases that involve wrapping up a deceased person’s estate, and the legal process can be complicated. Fortunately, there are Sarasota probate lawyers who can help you navigate the probate process. Contact Inverso Law Group today.

Probate Administration Attorneys

Probate administration involves settling a deceased person’s debts and distributing their property. Property might be distributed according to a valid last will and testament if one exists. If there is no will that can be submitted to the court, the judge will need to distribute property according to Florida law. Intestacy laws set out who should be the beneficiaries of an estate and how much beneficiaries can get.

Probate administration can include the following and more:

Property will need to go through probate with the exception of:

The personal representative of the estate is the individual or entity responsible for completing the tasks of probate administration while being overseen by the courts. A will designates a personal representative or, if there is no will, the court will appoint someone to serve as the personal representative. This is a major undertaking with many duties and obligations, and many personal representatives can benefit greatly from the assistance of a Sarasota probate lawyer.

Probate Litigation

Sometimes, probate goes smoothly with few issues, or you can even use summary administration, which is a simplified version of probate. However, other probate cases can involve conflict, legal challenges, and other complications. If you need to bring issues before the probate court, you need an experienced probate litigation attorney on your side right away.

Some issues that might lead to probate litigation include:

Probate litigation can be costly, and anyone bringing a claim or defending against a claim needs to have the right legal representation. Our legal team not only handles administrative matters in probate but can also represent you should litigation arise.

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