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Sarasota Landlord-Tenant Dispute Attorneys

Helping to Resolve Residential and Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes in Sarasota

Leasing a residential or commercial space can be a convenient and financially beneficial option for many people and companies in the Sarasota area. Owning investment properties and collecting substantial rental income can be extremely lucrative for landlords, as well. However, this win-win situation can become highly complicated if a dispute arises between a landlord and a tenant.

Both residential and commercial landlords and tenants have rights and protections under the lease agreement and the law. On the other hand, landlords and tenants each have specific responsibilities and restrictions, as well. If you believe a landlord or tenant has violated your agreement in some way, you should discuss the situation with a highly experienced Sarasota landlord-tenant dispute attorney right away. Call Inverso Law Group to learn how we can assist you.

Common Disputes

Landlords and tenants rely on one another to abide by the terms of the lease agreement. When one party fails to do so, the other can experience losses and should address the situation head-on as soon as possible. Some common issues between landlords and tenants that our lawyers work to resolve include:

Any of these disputes can lead to one party wanting to terminate the lease if the problem is not resolved in a timely fashion.

Landlord Representation

When a tenant violates zoning, land use, or environmental laws or engages in other illegal activity on your premises, you want to stop the conduct right away to avoid liability on your part. If a tenant fails to pay rent, it can quickly affect your financial picture, and you want to collect rent or evict the tenant as fast as you can. There are strict laws governing the eviction process in Florida, and you should have an experienced attorney handling every step of your eviction to prevent delays.

Tenant Representation

Tenants often feel they are powerless in a landlord-tenant relationship, especially for commercial tenants who rely on a specific space for their operations. Landlords may not simply terminate a lease and evict tenants whenever they want to, as the law protects tenants from self-help evictions. The law and your lease agreement should also provide other protections, such as the right to habitable space and the right against unreasonable intrusions by a landlord. Our lawyers know how to protect the rights of commercial and residential tenants in disputes with landlords, and to fight wrongful evictions when necessary.

Learn How Our Sarasota Landlord-Tenant Dispute Lawyers Can Assist You

Even if you have a carefully drafted lease agreement, a landlord-tenant dispute can still arise for many reasons. When this occurs, you want a respected Sarasota landlord-tenant attorney from Inverso Law Group on your side. Call 941-926-6039 or contact us online to discuss how we can help in your situation.