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Sarasota Real Estate Buy-Sell Agreements Attorneys

Helping to Ensure Favorable Outcomes of Major Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are purchasing a new home, selling an investment property, or your company is acquiring a major commercial development, there will be a lot at stake in your real estate transaction. The cornerstone of each real estate deal is the buy-sell agreement, also known as a purchase-sale agreement. You must sign this contract to close the deal, and it is a legally binding agreement. If any terms of this contract are unfavorable or inaccurate, you can experience delays, complications, and financial losses. It is essential to have an airtight and favorable buy-sell agreement to prevent unnecessary problems or the transaction falling through completely.

At Inverso Law Group, our contract attorneys handle the drafting, negotiation, and review of real estate buy-sell agreements. We work to identify terms that should be improved to protect your interests, and we negotiate for the most favorable terms possible while keeping the deal intact. Should a dispute arise regarding the agreement, we know how to seek a resolution that minimizes delays and losses. Call our Sarasota office today for more information.

Common Buy-Sell Agreement Provisions

A real estate purchase and sale contract should have many terms that address the many aspects of this complex transaction. Some common provisions in this type of agreement include:

Each real estate transaction should have a unique contract, as the property and parties involved will be unique. Too many people use boilerplate real estate contracts that are not adequately tailored to address the specific details of the sale. You need to make sure your contract fully protects your interests and prevents liability if something goes wrong. For this reason, you always want a trusted attorney to draft and review all contracts before you sign anything.

Resolving Disputes

In some situations, a dispute may arise regarding the agreement before the sale closes. One common example is a title dispute, in which you learn that the title to the property has a lien, covenant, easement, or anything else that may limit its marketability or affect the transfer of ownership. With the help of the right lawyer, you may be able to address the problem and resolve the dispute quickly, so that you can continue with your transaction. Your attorney can also advise you if the problem is large enough that you may have the right to terminate the agreement.

Discuss Your Upcoming Transaction with a Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement Lawyer in Sarasota

Because there is so much on the line in any real estate transaction, you want the guidance of an established law firm from the very start. Do not hesitate to contact Inverso Law Group to discuss how our Sarasota real estate buy-sell agreement attorneys can help. Call 941-926-6039 or contact us online today.